Furniture manufacturing
and accessories

Since 1992 we have been manufacturing custom solid wood furniture. We operate mainly in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

The Idea

Furniture in the interior determines not only the practical, but also the aesthetic value of the individual articles and the environment in which they perform their task. The initial impulses for the creation of solitary furniture come from the practical needs of people surrounding themselves with useful furniture that affects our psychological feelings by its very presence, shape, colour and spatial arrangement.

This furniture is a reflection of the ancient past, an attempt to return to wealth and beauty. It carries with it unrepeatable elements of the old times, which, in the masterful execution of our master cabinetmakers, who have inherited their art from generation to generation and preserving traditional production methods, including resin painting, let the magic of years long gone come alive again. 

The sense of beauty is in all of us, it is up to our individual abilities to recognize beauty and taste. 

Interior solution

Furniture design and implementation of the space according to the needs of the owner.


Furniture design and implementation of the space according to the needs of the owner.

Surface treatment

We use waxes and natural resins for surface finishing. With love for our environment.

Furniture manufacturing

We approach each customer individually, according to their requirements and needs.


Creating a unique object by folding veneers into specific motifs.


For companies, we format wood, plywood and polyethylene to order.

Word of the Master

'I present the production of solitaires, atypical furniture and home accessories created according to my own designs, but also in cooperation with architects. 

The products bear elements of carving, marquetry, veneers set in patterns and bent surfaces. The materials used are mainly solid wood, veneers in combination with semi-precious stones, glass and metal. The surface of the furniture is treated with beeswax, shellacs and high quality lacquers. 

Working mostly by hand, I emphasize precision and artistic rendering of each original.'